About Us

The firm has two partners, Jeanne Archibald and Peter Lederman, who are also the only married couple practising law in Truro.  Jeanne is a native of Truro, her ancestors having been one of the original Planter families to settle here in 1760.  She was educated at Acadia (B.Sc. 1971) and Dalhousie (LL.B 1974).  Her practice is focused on wills and estates, trusts and real estate transactions.  She received her Q.C. from the federal government in 1992.  Peter was born in Halifax but raised in Ontario.  His mother however was from North Sydney and he was no stranger to Nova Scotia prior to moving here permanently in 1980.  He was educated at Queen’s (B.A. 1973; LL.B 1977), Dalhousie (M.A. 1976) and Oxford (B.C.L. 1978).  His practice involves criminal law, family law, civil litigation, administrative law, wills, estates and real estate transactions.  He received his Q.C. from the provincial government in 2003.